FSLI – Forest School Learning Initiative

For many years l had wanted to become a qualified nature teacher in an Australian context. I had studied overseas though recognised that there were many elements that just couldn’t be translated.

Learning how to use a Kelly Kettle.

In 2016 an opportunity through Nature Play arose and I was fortunate to be part of the first FSLI – Forest School Learning Initiative- training in Australia, gaining a wealth of skills to become a Forest School Leader Level 3.


Supported by this training and over time taking children into nature l have gained many and varied skills to safely and enthusiastically introduce children and their families to this benefit risk experience.

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One of the ways we help children learn to manage and assess risk is to initially to place a red rope around trees, which forms a visual boundary for children.

I can highly recommend that you take the time to view their website, facebook page or contact me to have a chat to see if this training is part of your learning journey.

I now work part time for FSLI supervising and assessing students in their practical aspects to become Forest School Leaders . https://www.fsli.co.uk/