Kids Nature Adventures

Instagram is @kids_nature_adventures

Do you want to get your kids outdoors and off the couch?

Kids Nature Adventures Facebook page and Instagram is a great place to find ideas and places to visit around Brisbane and beyond.

Hi, l’m Sarah, a mother of 2 wild children and have worked with children for over 15 years. As a Mother and Childcare Educator I could see the importance of outdoor play.

With my own children, I tried to encourage their love for nature while teaching them about our environment. In our free time, we would enjoy getting out into the wild. We would love finding new places to explore around Brisbane.

We found there are so many free activities, parks and nature reserves. Brisbane City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council run free nature events at their environment centres.

My page promotes bush kindies and other amazing nature activities so more people could get their kids outdoors, creating amazing childhood memories in nature.

We also love to go camping as a family. Camping as a family is fun and so we like to share all the fantastic camping spots we have found that are kid friendly.

Getting your kids outdoors not only helps promote gross motor development, it also improves confidence, self esteem, independence, sensory and fine motor skills and so much more.

Getting kids outdoors and amongst nature creates a curiosity about living creatures and plants. It also extends opportunities for open-ended learning such as using their imagination while playing. Playing outside helps children play independently and in a social environment where children work together to problem-solve and create. These help develop the skills a child needs for school and adulthood.

There are lots of learning opportunities while playing outside such as sensory development while playing in mud, sand, water grass and feeling all the different textures nature has to offer. Mud play and getting dirty is good for childrens’ immune system as well. 

I know in this day and age it is harder to limit the amount of technology use with our children. I believe the more you get your kids outdoors, the less they have the desire to use technology. Balance is the key.

We hope by sharing our adventures we will help more kids get excited about outdoor play and create more wild life explorers. 
We love sharing our adventures with all of you and hope you and your kids enjoy finding new places to explore around this beautiful countr