Ways to safely play

There are many ways we can teach children and families to safely engage in nature.

We can do this by recognising and introducing ways to play that give children guidelines or parameters to manage and self assess their own risk based on their age range.

Talking to parents/carers about benefit risk learning experiences is essential, to ensure children have the opportunity to have some freedoms and independence in their play.

Asking parents to step back and give their children the chance to explore themselves with minimal intervention – if they feel comfortable.

We recognise that teaching children and families ways to safely immerse themselves in nature means greater connections will be made.

Here are some visual posters and guidelines that can support your nature play.

The red rope

The red rope.

Each session we have a safety talk which highlights ways to safely play as our group caters for children from 12months to 5 years and their younger siblings.

Around our natural playspace you will notice multiple red ropes. These are placed low to the ground at the children’s height as a visual reminder (as well as for the adults) to stay within this area.

These ropes are not always in the same position so we ask that you take the time to view these with your children as you explore. Before you arrive and during our morning we risk assess the weather, the site, the water in the creek, the flora and fauna including the upper canopy, pick up and dispose of any rubbish and highlight tripping areas where we need to have high knees to step over the roots of the fig trees.

Next time you visit remember to ” Not go beyond the red rope and to touch and turn”.