Hi, I’m Jo.

I believe that nature is one of our greatest educators. Here, I’ll be sharing my latest news, thoughts and inspirations as we learn in and from nature at Bush Knowing Forest School.

Death is fascinating

I’m not sure how you feel about discussing this topic with young children – but l know from many years of experience that it is an important and valuable learning experience. Every morning before a session l complete an important site check to look at the upper, mid and lower canopy as well as the…

Danish Forest School Experiences

Since 2003 l have been very fortunate to visit a wide range of early childhood services in Denmark that are based in nature. In Denmark there is a deep and long held cultural understanding, appreciation of and expectation that children should play in nature regularly. Early childhood services, well resourced and funded facilities in local…

2022 …let’s go !!!!

Hello and welcome to my new and long awaited blog. This has been in the makings for some time as l have been slowly updating and reworking the website with the help of Lindsay Salmon’s expert support. So….what can you expect….good question….in my spare spare time….hahahah…says every busy mother….l aim to write about and share…

young boy carrying bucket creek mud play

Come and play in nature

Bush Knowing Forest School offers nature immersion and early learning experiences for young children in North Brisbane.

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