Quiet observation

So much to observe on our return for the new year.

It’s the start of another year for Bush Knowing. 2022 is our 4th year of operation in what has been a particularly tough time for a lot of small business owners.

As you may be aware l operate this Forest School at the end of my part time teaching week, balancing this with my love of being in nature.

Creating these sessions each week is hard work, though an absolute joy to share with families.

Today l spent some time – reflecting – observing – listening and thinking about our sessions. This special place that l have the privilege of caring for and learning from, offers so much.

I stood quietly on the bank of the creek for a few minutes and then wandered around the dense and weedy trails. For over 12 years I have had a special connection to this beautiful and wild green space.

So much to see, so much to hear, so much to learn.

I often tell the children to ” Look up, look down, look all around”.

And today…that’s what l did.

This solo visit gave me the opportunity to view this space from many perspectives.

Fungi, butterflies, a Sacred Kingfisher, a carcass of a dead crow, a fast flowing creek, lots of weeds and growth amongst the native trees.

I can’t wait to learn in and from nature with you in 2022.

Jo x

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