Death is fascinating

I’m not sure how you feel about discussing this topic with young children – but l know from many years of experience that it is an important and valuable learning experience.

Every morning before a session l complete an important site check to look at the upper, mid and lower canopy as well as the leaf litter and creek areas.

I had actually noticed the crow last week on my previsit – before bush kindy term started – to ensure that there were no other major issues. Sadly the weed species on our site have not had any attention from the Moreton Regional Council for some time and l quickly sent an email to the Public Spaces coordinator.

On a side note ……I had a meeting with council on site Wednesday morning where l explained the need for some weed removal -hopefully we have some response soon.

At that time l noticed the crow laying beside the creek- it was very stinky and covered in flies – and l recognised the value in leaving it alone so that we could explore this learning experience.

We were so excited to start our term and as part of our daily morning sharing and discussion l mentioned my find.

For many children this was a focus of their interactions, conversations and wonderings !!!

Observing with our new magnifying glasses.

So many questions, so much discussion.

The new magnifying glasses provided the perfect opportunity to view the decaying skeleton. Even the youngest of the group spent quite some time observing from a distance, as well as close up.

From their observations and musings there were many questions which included ….

Why does it have no eyes?

Why are the flies on it?

Why does it have white feathers?

Why did it die ?

Where did it come from?

“It has no eyes”

I could have chosen to remove the dead bird from our bush site… just imagine….. we would have missed out on a fabulous rich and meaningful learning experience.

Death and decay are so fascinating.

It’s a really valuable way to investigate and understand the circle of life.

In our discussions and responses – we used very simple, honest and direct language. 

We look forward to observing what happens each week and the connections the children will make.

Jo x

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